The company Marquardt KDB has ceased business operations. This site has been archived and is not updated anymore.

The Development of
Marquardt - Kleb-, Dicht- und Beschichtungsstoffe

The proverbial head of the company is Dr. Peter Marquardt. He obtained his German Diplom-degree in chemistry, and wrote his doctorate dissertation on macromolecular and technical chemistry = plastics chemistry.

Between his high school graduation and enrollment in university, he worked as a chemical-technical assistant, gaining required practical experience in the area of residue analysis. He then completely devoted himself to the matter of plastic chemistry. After his studies he worked in the construction technology department of an innovative building contractor company, where he was entrusted with the laboratory setup for the development and quality control of plastics used for trenchless pipe-laying. Among others, emphasis was put on materials (hoses and epoxy resin adhesives) for the reconstruction of potable water pipelines using hoses. Thus, Dr. Marquardt developed a personal interest and awareness of the migration of chemical plastics on the environment.

Dr. Marquardt realized that his experiences could be of benefit to other industries as well. This motivation led him to start his company Marquardt - Kleb-, Dicht- und Beschichtungsstoffe. He chose the city of Potsdam as its location, where the company with its well equipped laboratory and extrusion plant was established. Dr. Peter Marquardt consults his clients in his company building as well as in the clients' environment. One of the first projects was the production of inliner systems for so-called reinforced hoses. Since the summer of 2007 these hoses are available for the industry. In the meantime they are also provided for other branches. The epoxy resin production serves as another mainstay in this company. They can be produced to customer specification.

In 2008 we moved to bigger premises in the Potsdam-Fahrland area. With that we could increase our production capacity.