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Fair Water Berlin International 2015

We had many talks to European as well as Non-European customers and interested parties resulting some promising concrete inquiries. We will respond them supplying our samples now. All in all "Wasser Berlin 2015" is considered as a success story for us showing that we are on the right track.

We would like to thank Berlin Partner who gave us the opportunity to represent us on the joint booth of Berlin and Brandenburg.

BrandoFlex® hoses cerficied for dispensing equipment

Since 2007, Potsdam's Marquardt KDB has been selling water hoses under the BrandoFlex name. The hoses have all the necessary approvals for drinking water, i.e. KTW A and DVGW W 270. The hoses are absolutely free of harmful plasticizers and crosslinking agents and yet remain lightweight and flexible.

These hoses were tested by the SGS Institute Fresenius according to German food safety statutes (LFGB) and EU Regulation 10/2011 for their suitability for beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks). BrandoFlex hoses are also suitable for these beverages, pose no health risk and do not affect the taste. These are the only hoses on the market which are approved for both drinking water and other beverages.

The BrandoFlex hoses were also optimized for use with connectors. Strengths and useful properties of these hoses were tested according to DIN 6653-1 and they have been certified according to DIN 6650-5. The hoses sold under the brand name "Brando Flex FIL600" may therefore be marked with the SK 425-001 sign of certification.

The hoses are very flexible and suitable anyway because of their unique designs for both push-in connectors and nozzles. They are slightly transparent and absolutely free of harmful plasticizers, such as those contained in PVC or by-products of radiation crosslinking of PEX. The hoses can be used for pressures up to 7 bar at 35C, and up to 65C with pressures up to 5 bar. With textile reinforcement, pressures higher than 20 bar are possible. The cleaning and disinfection may be done by ordinary means, made possibly with the help of foam pipe cleaners.

The hoses are permanently hot stamped in color with type, diameter, references to KTW A, DVGW W 270 and SK-certification, production date and length. The color of the hot stamping is available in black, blue, red, green or yellow. Thus the hoses can be used to create drink pythons.

Further information can be obtained from Marquardt-KDB at +49 / 33 208/23 114 or We'll be glad to send you samples.

Innovative Brandolene DS432 hoses even for juices and alcoholic beverages

Marquardt-KDB has developed innovative hoses especially intended for the contact with potable water. The hoses are manufactured in accordance with the German "KTW"-guidelines (guidelines for synthetic materials and potable water) provided by the Federal Environment Agency of Germany. They are certified and belong to the category A (pipes and hoses with a diameter ≤ 80 mm) of the cold and hot water regulations up to 85°C. They are flexible, but light in weight (about two thirds of an average rubber hose), and they are resistant to common cleansing agents. Due to their smooth inside, the growth of microorganisms is avoided, allowing for a flow that is more steady than any comparable rubber hose can provide.

We are proudly announcing that we were tested by the Frauenhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV in Freising, and that we have now obtained the permission for the contact with juices and beer, meeting all requirements according to EU regulations and the German federal law. Therefore, the innovative Brandelone DS432 hoses with their above mentioned characteristics are now ready to be used in contact with foods.

At this point we are producing hoses with diameters between 6 mm and 15 mm, but other sizes can be provided upon request.

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Marquardt-KDB at the international trade fair 2009 (Hannover Messe 2009)

Hannover Messe 2009
Dr. Peter Marquardt at Hannover Messe

For the first time, Marquardt-KDB presented their products at a trade fair. At the 2009 international trade fair, the Hannover Messe, the Potsdam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) organized a shared exhibition booth for the supplier industry of Brandenburg, which provided a great setting for our company. We presented the Brandolene DS432 hoses permitted to be in contact with potable water according to the German "KTW"-guidelines (guidelines for synthetic materials and potable water) KTW A and W270.

Minister President Platzeck
Minister President Platzeck vistits Marquardt-KDB

We received a great feedback, and we were able to make new valuable national and international contacts. Furthermore, the prime minister of Brandenburg, Matthias Platzeck, and the minister for economic affairs, Ullrich Junghans, showed interest in our company and the products we provide. Taking part in the trade fair confirmed the promising future of our company.


Visit of Mister Junghans
Visit of Mister Junghans

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